Stephanie Huye

From The Artist 

My paintings consist of portraits, representational and nonrepresentational. 

I often use cats, specifically the hairless sphynx, as my “familiar” when I paint myself or my children.  I am currently painting a series called The Cuban Series, which is a community of Cuban humans represented by their shoes.  On a recent trip there, I photographed pairs of shoes after the owners had arranged them and been briefly interviewed.  I believe a person’s shoes tell more about them than the flesh on their face that they did not choose, as society often judges a human by many unchosen aspects: skin color, gender, age, race, and sexual orientation.

–Stephanie Huye


Stephanie Is owned by two hairless cats named Bacchus and Leonidas. Hikes with a super-sized German Shepherd, Rex, and her husband Richard.


About The Artist 

Stephanie Huye lives and paints in the South, where she grew up. She graduated from Louisiana State University School of Fine Arts.  She receives great pleasure from stretching and building her own canvases. She is a contemporary, narrative artist who works mostly in oil. A life-changing event was when Huye discovered new family members through genealogy that revealed they were descendants of a Louisiana slave owner. A defining moment in her search for self-knowledge and insight into the past was discovering dear cousins who are black, and share the same ancestry. It was a life altering epiphany, as Huye’s work is based in large part on the human condition and the struggles inherent therein. Her portraits explore racial and cultural differences, traditional male/female roles, preconceptions, prejudices, different socio-economic backgrounds, the LGBTQ community, perceptions, and body image—anything involved with the human outer shell, which we have little or no control over. Whether she is painting traditional portraits (‘human shells’), or doing representational portraits, using apparel or shoes as the vehicle, the narrative always asks the same two questions: “Who are we?” and “Who do others think we are?” Huye draws artistic inspiration from Max Beckmann, George Grosz, Jenny Saville, and Lucien Freud. She uses photography and mirror work for her portraits. When working from her own photos, she sets up and shoots the subject herself, according to the desired narrative. Her voice is full of irony, sarcasm, and a symbolic language demanding, “Justice for all!”


All humans have good in them, even the asshole humans.
— Stephanie Binning Huye
If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.
— Vincent Van Gough


Named after a parade in NOLA. Sometimes his birthday is ON Mardi Gras! Likes to climb his friends, like they’re a tree, and ride on their shoulders. Cat/dog/monkey.



Named after a Greek Warrior King and an important street in NOLA. “I am Sparta!” Been known to jump on his 130 pound, German Shepherd brother’s back and ride him like a cowboy, when he felt his cat brother, Bacchus, was being overwhelmed by too much slobber.


Riding the Birds in Austin-

With my favorite man and daughters. My son is busy setting the stage to ask his girl to marry him. She said yes!

Photo creds go out to the man in the bar, on the beach in the BVI. He put down his beer just long enough to snap this picture. To show our appreciation, we bought him another ice cold beer. Thanks, man.

Photo creds go out to the man in the bar, on the beach in the BVI. He put down his beer just long enough to snap this picture. To show our appreciation, we bought him another ice cold beer. Thanks, man.

Every human sits and shits.
— Stephanie Binning Huye
HD art 1.jpg

Sharing a cigar Kiss with my favorite man…

Don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great.
— John D. Rockefeller
Say ‘FUCK’ enough and it’s no longer so fuckin’ important.
— Stephanie Binning Huye

King Rex Corona

Named after a parade in NOLA. Born in 2017, on the day of the full eclipse. His mother is solid white. He’s shrek in German Shepherd clothing.


Sorry, Sexie Rexie!

You MUST do something with that breath before kissy- kissy!


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